Update 2018

I am afraid to say that I have not had time recently to keep the information on here up to date. So, rather than let it all get increasingly out of date and misleading, I have decided – for the moment at least – to suspend most of the content.

I am leaving just one thing from before – the link to the article I wrote in 2013 summarising the legal issues as i saw them then. Apologies that it is a bit legalistic – I wrote it for the Education Law Journal (which sadly no longer exists) which was mostly targetted at a legal audience. You can download a pdf version here.

I am adding one new thing – a link to the article which LSE’s Professor Anne West and I wrote recently which covers similar ground to the earlier article, but updated, and which also make suggestions for addressing some of the issues which we see as arising from academisation.. You can see it here.

David Wolfe

September 2018

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