What can a local authority do if a maintained school is ‘eligible for intervention’?

If a maintained school is ‘eligible for intervention‘ the local authority can:

  1. require the governing body to ‘enter into arrangements’: section 63 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006
  2. appoint additional governors: section 64
  3. provide for governing body to consist of interim executive members: section 65
  4. suspend right to a delegated budget: section 66

Since the focus here is on the process of ‘forced conversion’, I will concentrate on items 1 and 3 – those are the only ones I have so far seen deployed as part of trying to force conversion of a maintained school into an academy. (Although, of course, appointing additional governors would not be a less dramatic, less hostile and less political response in this context.)

Entering into arrangements

A local authority can require the governors to enter into ‘arrangements’ after consulting them. Although I have seen that used as part of a threat to force academy conversion it could not, of course, be the actual basis for forcing governors to turn their school into an academy because, conversion would not lead to arrangements with the governing body of the maintained school. The ‘arrangements’ in the case of an academy are in the funding agreement between the Secretary of State and the academy trust.

Appointment of an Interim Executive Board

See this other post on IEBs generally.



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